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Knowledge For PCB what's PCB board slicing?

what's PCB board slicing?

August 25, 2022     Knowledge For PCB

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PCB board slicing analysis ---Micro-Cross section

- Slicing analysis is one of the important quality analysis methods of PCB, usually after the completion of PCB circuit board, sampling to do product quality inspection. Or after the abnormal failure of the product, the problem location through the electronic microscope measurement to do sampling analysis to find out the cause of the abnormality.
- The most common types of slicing are the following two.
1. Vertical Section: The vertical section is cut in the vertical direction with the PCB board surface to examine the vertical profile. Vertical section steps: sampling, sealing, grinding, polishing, micro-etching, and photo cutting. From the vertical section, we can measure the thickness of each layer, bottom copper, primary copper, secondary copper, and solder-proof thickness, or whether the connection between each layer of copper foil and the pilot hole is normal.

2. Horizontal Section: The PCB is laid flat and ground from the outermost layer to the inner layer to each layer. Usually when the inner layer is broken/shorted, the horizontal section is used to find the abnormal location of the circuit of that layer.



All the PCB products which WDXPCB manufactured will  be arranged the board slicing process for quality inspection to assure the quality of mass production, or even something happened to the quality to check the point and then improve the future processing level.

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