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Photovoltaic inverter disassembly

Photovoltaic inverter disassembly

Environmental issues are now pressing, and countries are strongly advocating green travel and the construction of green energy infrastructure. Certain Brand's 1500VDC, three-phase, grid-connected PV inverters are an integral part of PV power systems. These inverters convert the direct current (DC) power generated from PV modules into grid-compatible alternating current (AC) before feeding the …

How is the price of the PCB board calculated?

How is the price of the PCB board calculated?

How is the price of the PCB board calculated? Headaches for purchasing managers More and more PCB suppliers are offering online quotes, so are the results of such quotes reliable? Is it accurate? As a PCB procurement manager, whether you are experienced and skilled, or a green hand, the following contents are believed to …

PCB drilling process

PCB drilling process

1. mechanical drilling: the use of drilling machines drill holes, our smallest hole diameter can be up to 0.15mm. generally most of the through holes seen are made using mechanical drilling. 2. Laser drilling: The holes made by using laser light on the PCB board, the hole diameter is about 0.076~0.1mm. HDI board will …

Single / Double-sided PCB China

Medical PCB by double-sided

medical double-sided PCB   Double-Layer/double-sided PCB for medical application: Both sides of the board have copper foil conductors, and both the front (Top layer) and the back (Bottom layer) can be connected to each other through vias. Since both sides can be wired, the usable area is double that of a single panel, making …

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