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FPC / Rigid-flex PCB Speaker RFPCB
Speaker RFPCB

Speaker RFPCB

Number of layers: 1-8 layers
Minimum line width/line spacing: 0.04mm/0.04mm
Surface treatment: submerged gold, OSP, electric gold
Main application areas: communication antenna, car converter, medical, aerial photography and other high-end products

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RFPCB (Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit Board)

It can also be called Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit Board, in general PCB, between two rigid boards, pressed together in series by a flexible board to form a printed circuit board, that is, Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit Board. Because of the combination of HDI technology and the trend of high-frequency signal development, the use of rigid-soft PCBs has become more widespread.

Traditionally, soft boards are combined with hard boards by using a connector or a hot bar process to connect two hard boards with a soft board. The combination of hard and soft boards transmits the signal in the way of hard board → soft board → hard board, which shortens the transmission distance and increases the speed, and improves the reliability effectively.

It also saves space on the board and eliminates the need for connectors or HotBar, simplifying product assembly. Although more expensive, they are extremely versatile and can be tailored to a wide range of industrial applications.

Because of their high reliability, these circuits are designed for demanding applications in aerospace, medical, and military applications. They are often used in smartphone boards, photovoltaic boards, battery modules, wearable devices, and high-end storage devices.





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