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Knowledge For PCB Photovoltaic inverter disassembly

Photovoltaic inverter disassembly

August 11, 2022     Knowledge For PCB

Environmental issues are now pressing, and countries are strongly advocating green travel and the construction of green energy infrastructure.

Certain Brand's 1500VDC, three-phase, grid-connected PV inverters are an integral part of PV power systems. These inverters convert the direct current (DC) power generated from PV modules into grid-compatible alternating current (AC) before feeding the PV output to the utility grid. For utility-scale PV systems, Brand's revolutionary design dramatically reduces installation time and lowers system equalization costs. In a transformerless cabinet, the SG125HV delivers an impressive 125kW capacity and weighs only 76kg. unlike the use of transformers, the SG125HV resorts to integrated circuits (ICs) to meet safety regulatory standards and achieves a high level of performance in a very small footprint.

The SG125HV uses the brand's patented five-level conversion circuit topology design to increase the inverter's maximum efficiency to over 98.9 percent. Replacing the transformer with an IC also takes away the AC busbar. Its 5MW PV power module design further reduces AC transformer and labor costs. In many installations, it also significantly reduces DC-side wiring costs.

Teardown: Certain Brand- SG125HV

- Full power operation with no degradation in performance at 50°C
- DC 1500V/AC 600V - offers low initial investment options
- 1 to 5MW power module design for reduced AC transformer and labor costs
- Max. DC/AC ratio up to 1.5
- DC/AC ratio up to 1.5
- Virtual center concept for easy operation and maintenance work
- Compact design, light weight and easy installation
- Compliance with IEC and UL safety, EMC and grid support regulations
- Low/high voltage ride-through (L/HVRT)
- Active and reactive power control and power ramp rate control
- Automatic output derating to prevent overloads or potential failures
Appearance and Enclosure

- Dimensions 670 x 902 x 296mm, weight 76kg
- Protection class IP65 NEMA 4X
- Operating ambient temperature -25°C to 60°C
Function Block Diagram


PV inverter controller

- PWM microcontroller: TI TMS320F280230PT Piccolo microcontroller. High efficiency 50MHz, 32-bit CPU, with 10-bit reference analog comparator for controlling PWM output.
- Digital signal processing: TI TMS320F2837 dual-core DelfinoTM microcontroller. 32-bit floating-point microcontroller units (MCUs) designed for advanced closed-loop control applications, sensing and signal processing.
- Programmable Logic Device (PLD): Lattice LCMXO2-2000HC. 2.5V/3.5V field programmable gate array with 2112 look-up tables (LUTs) and 79 I/Os.
DC input and AC output switches

Surge protector: Parafoudre DS50VGPV-1500G/51. Type II (Type 2), 1500VDC maximum PV surge protector.
- PV Switch Isolator: Eaton NZM 2 N2-4-250-S15-DC. 1500VDC isolation switch for bipolar switches with 250A rated operating current.
Gate Driver: Broadcom, Avago Technologies ACNT-H313 (2 for booster stage). 2.5A output current IGBT gate driver optocoupler in 15mm spreading SO8 package.

- AC Switch: MERZ ML3-125-E-1851. 125A uninterruptible current rated, 45kW open emergency break switch.
- AC EMI filter: LST762

DC EMI Filters

- Current Transmitter: LEM LA 200-P. 200A/3kV insulated closed loop Hall effect current transmitter.
- Reed Relay: Meder Electronic KT05-1A. Single Knife Single Throw Normally Open (1 Form A/SPST-NO), 5V coil voltage, 80Ω, 1000V switching voltage contact reed relay.
- SiC MOSFET: CREE C2M1000170D (2 for booster stage). 1700V/5A/1Ω, C2MTM N-channel enhanced silicon carbide power MOSFET.
- Phototransistor: Vishay CNY66B (2 pcs) 1450Vpk ultra-high isolation voltage phototransistor in 700mil, DIP4 package.
- Rectifier: STMicroelectronics (ST) STTH6003CW (2 pcs). 300V/2x30A dual high frequency secondary rectifiers.
Inverter DC/AC

- Inverter: Infineon F5L200R12N2H3 (3-phase inverter stage of 3). 1200V/200A IGBT module with active five-level conversion circuit topology.

- DC-Link: Faratronic C3D (4 pcs.). 900VDC/40µF flat DC-Link (DC-Link) metal film capacitors.
- Current sensor: Broadcom ACNT-H79A (3 pcs) ±1% gain tolerance optically isolated amplifier in a 15mm spreading SO8 package.

Absorption capacitors: Faratronic C3H (6 pcs.). 850VDC/3µF IGBT absorption capacitors.
- DC Link: Faratronic C3N (3 pcs.). 600VDC/250µF DC Link capacitors.
- Gate Driver: Broadcom ACNT-H313 (24 for 3-phase inverter stage). 2.5A output current IGBT gate driver optocoupler in 15mm spreading SO8 package.
DC Busbar, AC Filter and AC Relay

- AC Filters: Faratronic C6A (12 pcs). 440VAC/10µF metallized polypropylene film AC filter capacitors.
- Interference suppression: Faratronic MKP65 (6 pcs.). 440VAC/1µF metallized polypropylene interference suppression capacitor.

- AC Relay: Song Chuan 511XP1-1AH-F-C-12VDC (6 pcs) Normally open contacts, one set of dynamic closure (Form 1A SPDM), 690VAC/160A, contact pcb terminal AC relays.
- Current Transmitter: Lyme (LEM) LA 200-P (3 pcs.). 200A/3kV insulated, closed loop Hall effect current transmitter.
- Leakage current transmitter: LEM CTSR 1.5-TP/SP18. 1.5A leakage current transmitter with current isolation, placed between primary and secondary circuits.


This certain brand's product has effectively raised the bar for inverters with its SG125HV, which is a very powerful solution thanks to its lower installation and maintenance costs, excellent efficiency and very tight controls, combined with the inherent reliability of the IC. Once grid-connected, its comprehensive data storage of routine and fault conditions can be used to document the various operating conditions of this powerful inverter. While size is often less of a concern with these systems, the compact design still makes the circuitry cleaner and easier to maintain. Any engineer responsible for designing large PV installations should certainly consider this inverter in their projects.

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