Fornitore affidabile di PCB in Cina

WDXPCB has established itself as a reputable Printed Circuit Board supplier with a focus on the customer and quality.

As one of the leading suppliers in the PCB industry, WDXPCB provides a total PCB Supply chain Management solution with over 19 years of experience, which includes PCB engineering, manufacturing, assembly, electronic product design, and logistics.

Effective sourcing of Printed Circuit Boards requires commitment, time, and experience. Matching the technical and commercial requirements of clients to the capabilities of a manufacturing plant is a vital part of what we do.

We ensure our customers will benefit a lot from your right decision to trust and select WDXPCB. Customers always enjoy the expertise and commitment to quality, with which we continue to bring you much more market and competitive advantage

Quality Policy: Differentiated production, customer satisfaction.

HSF Policy: Compliance with regulations, green production

Environmental Policy: Compliance with regulations, continuous improvement

You design, WDXPCB manufactures
  • 19+years history

  • 9+Countries

  • 139+Customers

  • 399,999+m²/year Quantities


Our PCB products are proven to be reliable, stable and trustworthy in the harsh environment of our customers, and the main scenarios are as the following
  • Automotive


  • Telecom&IoT

    Telecom & IoT

  • Medicalhealth-care

    Medical & health care

  • Industry Control

    Industry Control

  • Photovoltaic


Value Advantages

  • Accessible Communication

    1. Increase productivity and efficiency
    2. Create a supportive team environment
    3. Control costs and increase profits
    All of the above can be achieved through the following elements of ours:
    Our experienced engineering team
    Our professional business marketing partners
    A variety of smooth communication channels such as calls, email,s and video conferences

  • Controllo di qualità

    Controllo di qualità

    1. Cost control
    2. On-time delivery
    3. fast market entry
    Excellent quality can bring our customers more than just the above benefits, please see how WDXPCB guarantees quality:
    Selecting high-quality raw materials to guarantee the quality of the source
    Complete processing equipments and leading process capability
    Rigorous quality control system and professional testing equipment and team

  • Guaranteed Delivery

    1. to ensure the smooth progress of the project
    2. The product is put into the market on schedule
    3. to create the expected profit
    The following capabilities of WDX PCB make the above hopes of our customers a reality
    Strict quality control
    Stable and efficient production scheduling
    Flexible and secure delivery paths

  • Moderate Price

    1. more in-depth and pleasant cooperation
    2. Sustainable development
    3. Create a win-win future
    In order to achieve these goals, WDXPCB provides services to its esteemed clients that include, but are not limited to, the following
    Consistently high-quality service
    Striving for customer satisfaction
    Moderate price

  • wdxpcb

    WDXPCB è un produttore ed esportatore di PCB professionale con sede a Shenzhen, Cina. fornitura di servizi di produzione di PCB tra cui HDI,FPC,PCB rigido-flessibile,PCB multistrato alto,e MCPCB


    tel: +86-75582944255,82945142
    Fax: +86-26648548

    Capoufficio:Unità 502, Blocco B, Edificio commerciale di Jinyuan, No. 300 Viale Xixiang, Distretto di Bao'An, Shenzhen, Cina

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