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Industrial  control PCBA

Industrial control PCBA

WDXPCB support BOM’s whole single" one-stop" procurement service.

Support multiple types, small-batch components supply service, solve your prototype trial production, new product development, project order additional emergency replenishment problem.

14 sets of YAMAHA placement machines, three 12-temperature reflow machines, professional DIP plug-in team welding all kinds of shaped plug-in material.

  • Description

All boards are 100% AOI after SMD, the first piece and the production process of random inspection will use X-Ray inspection, which can be sprayed with three-proof paint, to meet your high requirements for quality.

#No. Item Process Capability
1 qualtiy grade IPC-3
2 build time PCBA prototype orders usually take 3-4 days. Subject to actual quoted items
3 Material FR4,CEM1,CEM3, HighTG
4 board type Rigid PCB, Flexible PCB, metal core PCB,HDI
5 Surface Finish Lead/Lead-free HASL, Immersion gold,OPS etc.
6 Assembly Types Surface mount (SMT), Through-hole (DIP), Mixed technology (SMT & Thru-hole)
7 Component Sourcing Turnkey (All components sourced by WDXPCB), Partial turnkey, Kitted/Consigned
8 Cable Assembly cables, cable assembly, wire harness and power leads for various industries including automotive, security, medical and entertainment.
9 Quality Inspection Visual inspection; AOI checking; BGA placement – X-RAY checking

Introduction of PCBA manufacturing process


Componenets checking → Solder Paste Priting → pick and place SMD parts → reflow soldering → flipping→ Pick and place SMD parts → THT components Placement→ Wave Soldering → AOI checking/X-Ray → Visual inspection/Repair → QC/Package→Delivery





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    WDXPCB is a professional PCB manufacturer and exporter located in Shenzhen, China. providing PCB manufacturing services including HDI,FPC,Rigid-Flex PCB,High Multi-layer PCB,and MCPCB


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