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FPC / Rigid-flex PCB Industrial Control Board
Industrial Control Board

Industrial Control Board

Number of layers: 1-8 layers
Minimum line width/line spacing: 0.04mm/0.04mm
Surface treatment: submerged gold, OSP, electric gold
Main application areas: communication antenna, car converter, medical, aerial photography and other high-end products

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Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPC)

FPC is made of a flexible plastic substrate, copper foil, and adhesive laminate, which is free to bend and bendable. It is generally referred to as flexible printed circuit board, or flex board for short, and other names such as flexible circuit board, flexible film, flex board, etc. Like other substrates, flexible boards are constantly pursuing higher line density and number of layers to improve the performance of flexible boards and reduce power consumption.

The application of flexible boards is very wide, it can be said that as long as the technology products will be used, and the most common application of flexible boards in smartphones and other communication products, the proportion of smartphone flexible boards accounted for about 40% of the total flexible board, in addition to laptops, automotive electronics, medical, military and wearable devices, etc., in the pursuit of modern products thin and light at the same time flexible board has become very important. According to statistics, the iPhone X used about 20 pieces of soft boards, in addition to the iPhone, these soft boards in the end device play the following roles, antenna soft board, backlight module soft board, camera lens soft board, touch screen soft board, Touch ID soft board, sim card soft board, laptop screen connection soft board, automotive image sensor soft board, automotive light group soft board, etc., so it can be seen The importance of flexible board.

The material soft board material is divided into PI, MPI, and LCP, MPI is a modified PI, and PI because of poor performance is almost eliminated, now the main material used in soft board MPI and LCP two, and LCP performance is higher than MPI, the relative price is also significantly increased, as far as the cost ratio is concerned, MPI is generally considered higher, especially in recent years MPI performance has improved significantly, but also more further threatened LCP. Especially in recent years, MPI performance has improved significantly and further threatened LCP, as in 2018 Apple also decided to replace some of the LCP flexible boards with MPI flexible boards to reduce costs. The biggest consideration in the use of the three types of boards is the transmission loss, in the transmission of low frequency, there is no significant difference between the three losses, but with the increase in frequency, PI loss gradually becomes larger, MPI also has a greater loss difference with LCP, so in the case of higher frequency, the advantage of LCP will be more obvious, it is clear that in the 5G era, part of our transmission frequency will be significantly increased to more than 24GHz In the 5G era, some of our transmission frequencies will increase significantly to over 24GHz, and there will be higher requirements for the performance of the soft board.





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