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Knowledge For PCB How is the price of the PCB board calculated?

How is the price of the PCB board calculated?

July 30, 2022     Knowledge For PCB

How is the price of the PCB board calculated?

Headaches for purchasing managers

More and more PCB suppliers are offering online quotes, so are the results of such quotes reliable? Is it accurate? As a PCB procurement manager, whether you are experienced and skilled, or a green hand, the following contents are believed to give you a general composition of the cost structure and the work of dissecting the reasonableness of supplier quotes, to facilitate your negotiations with suppliers appropriate

Topic: various factors affecting the price of a PCB board **

The price of PCB is a lot of purchasers have been very confused about things, many people online orders will also question how these prices are calculated, the following we will talk about the composition of the price of PCB together.

**1, the different materials used in the PCB caused by the diversity of prices **

Ordinary double-sided board, for example, the board material generally has FR4 (in the Chinese brand, Sheng Yi, KB Jiantao, Guo Ji, three prices from top to bottom), the board thickness from 0.2mm to 3.0mm, copper thickness from 0.5oz to 3oz different, all these in the board material a huge price difference; in the solder resist ink, ordinary heat-setting oil and photographic green oil also exists a certain price difference.

**2, different surface treatment processes cause the diversity of prices**

Commonly available: OSP (antioxidant), leaded spray tin, lead-free spray tin (environmental protection), gold plating, sinking gold, and some combination of processes and so on, the more expensive the price of the above processes.

**3, the price diversity caused by the different difficulties of the PCB itself**

Two kinds of circuit boards have 1000 holes, a board aperture greater than 0.2mm and another board aperture less than 0.2mm will form different drilling costs; such as two other circuit boards are the same, but the line width line spacing is different, one is greater than 4mil, one is less than 4mil, will also cause different production costs; followed by some do not take the ordinary board process design is also an additional charge. For example, half-hole, buried blind hole, plate in the hole, keypad printed carbon oil.

**4, copper foil thickness caused by different price diversity **

Common copper platinum thickness thicknesses are 18um (1/2OZ), 35um (1OZ), 70um (2OZ), 105um (3OZ), and 140um (4OZ), etc., the more expensive the above copper foil thickness.

**5. Customer's quality acceptance standard**

Commonly used are IPC2, IPC3, enterprise standard, military standard, etc. The higher the standard, the higher the price will be.

**6、Mold fee and test frame**

(1) mold costs, prototype and small quantities, then the general board factory is the use of drilling and milling shape, there will be no additional milling fees, in doing a large number of requests to open the mold punching board, so there is a set of mold costs, the board factory generally offer different.

(2) test fee: sample boards generally use flying probe test, and the board factory generally charges a variable number of test fees; batch will have to open the test frame to test, test frame general board factory offer in a range of different, depending on how much he wants to earn you, but is also in a reasonable range.

**7, the price difference caused by different payment methods **

The shorter the arrival time of the payment method, such as cash payment, the price will be lower.

**8、Order quantity/delivery time**

(1) the smaller the quantity, the more expensive the price is relatively because even if you do 1PCS, the board factory has to do engineering information, out of the film, which process can not be missing

(2) delivery: the data delivered to the PCB factory to complete (GERBER information, the number of layers of the board, plate, plate thickness, surface treatment to do what, ink color, character color and,, some special requirements to write clearly)

** Through the above points of discussion it is easy to see that the diversity of PCB processing prices is an inherent inevitable factor, no PCB manufacturer can provide a standard benchmark price.

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