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MCPCB Double-sided aluminum substrate
Double-sided aluminum substrate

Double-sided aluminum substrate

Number of layers: 1-2 layers
Plate thickness: 0.8-3.0mm
Copper thickness: 0.5-8 OZ
Surface treatment: sink gold, lead-free tin spray, OSP, sink tin, sink silver
Main application areas: aluminum base is widely used in power supply, automotive lighting, indoor lighting, copper substrate thermal conductivity up to 300W-450W, mainly used in automotive headlights, taillights and some equipment (such as drones)

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With the continuous development and optimization of material science and processing technology, MCPCBs have been widely used in many countries. Under the same external application environment, the thermal performance of MCPCB is better than any other type of PCB board, representing a high level of global high-power electronic assembly

MCPCBs offer unparalleled advantages in heat dissipation compared to traditional heat dissipation methods. MCPCBs can increase the power density of products and reduce the need to assemble heat sinks and other hardware. In addition, product size can be reduced as hardware and assembly costs fall. Finally, MCPCBs play an active role in improving product reliability and shielding against electromagnetic waves and reducing electromagnetic interference

Of all metal core PCBs (aka MCPCBs, known for their ability to provide effective heat dissipation for electronics), aluminum PCBs are the most common type - the substrate consists of an aluminum core with standard FR4. It has a thermal overlay that dissipates heat in an efficient manner while cooling components and improving the overall performance of the product. Today, aluminum backplane PCBs are the perfect thermal solution for any design using high-power surface mount ICs. In addition, they can eliminate the need for forced ventilation and heat dissipation, which ultimately reduces design costs. Essentially, any design that can be improved with higher heat transfer and better temperature control is a possible application for aluminum backplane PCBs.





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