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MCPCB Copper core PCB
Copper core PCB

Copper core PCB

Number of layers: 1-2 layers
Plate thickness: 0.8-3.0mm
Copper thickness: 0.5-8 OZ
Surface treatment: sink gold, lead-free tin spray, OSP, sink tin, sink silver
Main application areas: aluminum base is widely used in power supply, automotive lighting, indoor lighting, copper substrate thermal conductivity up to 300W-450W, mainly used in automotive headlights, taillights and some equipment (such as drones)

  • Description

While traditional PCBs use fiberglass substrates (FR4 is the standard substrate used by PCB manufacturers), aluminum-backed PCBs consist of an aluminum backplane, a highly thermally conductive dielectric layer, and a standard circuit layer. The circuit layer is essentially a thin PCB that has been bonded to the aluminum backing layer. As a result, the circuit layer may be as complex as one mounted on a traditional fiberglass backing.

While single-sided designs are more common, aluminum backing designs may also be double-sided, with the circuit layers connected by a highly thermally conductive dielectric layer on either side of the aluminum backing. These two side designs can then be connected through plated through-holes. Regardless of the configuration, the aluminum backplane provides an excellent heat dissipation path to the surroundings or to any connected heat sink. Once again, improving the thermal transfer of power components is the best way to ensure design reliability, and the aluminum backplane PCB provides an excellent solution to this problem.

The solder resists layer in the circuit section of the board can be made in many different colors, just like in a traditional PCB design. That said, in LED designs, the solder resist layer is usually white. The white solder resists layer allows for a higher level of light reflection from the associated LED array and produces a more efficient design. In power supply designs, the solder mask is also typically made black for better heat dissipation.





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