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Multi-Layers PCB Communication multilayer board
Communication multilayer board

Communication multilayer board

Number of layers: 4-32 layers
Board thickness: 0.38-5.5mm
Aspect ratio: 20:1
Minimum line width/line spacing:0.075mm/0.075mm,Surface treatment: Immersion gold, lead-free tin spray, OSP, Immersion tin, Immersion silver.
Main applications: automotive, medical, industrial control, communication IoT, photovoltaic, and other higher-end products.

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Introduction of multi-layer board manufacturing process

  • Multilayer: Engineering → Cutting → Inner layer embossing → Inner layer etching → Inner layer de-filming → Lamination → Drilling → PTH → Primary copper → Lamination → Exposure development → Secondary copper → Solder-lead → De-filming → Copper etching → Solder-lead stripping → Solder-proof → Text → Surface treatment → Forming → Electrical testing → Quality inspection


Common Unit Conversions

Copper Foil Thickness - oz(ounce)

The PCB industry commonly uses ounces (oz) for copper foil thickness, but why is oz a unit of thickness when it is clearly a unit of weight? Because PCB substrate copper foil specifications are defined by the number of ounces (oz) of copper per square foot (ft²) of area. Since the heavier the copper on a fixed area, the thicker the copper foil will be, and the weight of the copper foil is proportional to the thickness, the weight of the copper foil in ounces (oz) is converted to thickness in mil.

The following units are commonly used for PCBs

  • 1 oz = 28.35 g = 1.4 mil = 1400μ" = 35μm
  • 1 inch = 1000 mil
  • 1 inch = 25.4 mm
  • 1 mil = 0.0254 mm = 1000 micro inch (μ")
  • 1 mm = 39.37 mil





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