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Multi-Layers PCB Automotive radar multilayer board
Automotive radar multilayer board

Automotive radar multilayer board

Number of layers: 4-32 layers
Board thickness: 0.38-5.5mm
Aspect ratio: 20:1
Minimum line width/line spacing:0.075mm/0.075mm,Surface treatment: Immersion gold, lead-free tin spray, OSP, Immersion tin, Immersion silver.
Main applications: automotive, medical, industrial control, communication IoT, photovoltaic, and other higher-end products.

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Types & Applications

  1. (A) 4-layer board base material is mainly epoxy resin glass fiber cloth. Main applications are personal computers, medical electronic equipment, measuring instruments, semiconductor testing machines, numerical control machines, electronic switches, communication machines, memory circuit boards, IC cards, etc.
  2. (B) 6-8 layer board substrate material is still mainly epoxy resin glass fiber cloth. Most of them are used in electronic switches, semiconductor testers, mid-range personal computers, engineering workstations, and other machines.
  3. (C) 10-layer board material above the material is mainly glass benzene resin material or epoxy resin as a multi-layer PCB substrate material. The application of this type of PCB is more special, used in large industrial computers, high-speed computers, defense machines, communication machines, etc.





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