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Knowledge For PCB Automotive PCB usage

Automotive PCB usage

July 19, 2022     Knowledge For PCB

With the increasing demand for automobiles and the development of intelligence, the level of electronics in automobiles is increasing and accounts for a larger share of the overall vehicle cost.
The proportion of the vehicle cost is also increasing. At present, the cost of automotive electronics in medium and high-end cars accounts for 28%, and the cost of new energy vehicles is as high as 47%.
New energy vehicles are up to 47%. In the future, driven by the four major development trends of networking, entertainment, energy saving and safety, automotive electronics will become more and more advanced.
The degree of electronicization will become higher and higher.

According to industry chain research data, a luxury car PCB use area of about 2.5-3 square meters, mid-range models
PCB use area of about 0.5-0.7 square meters, the economy car PCB use area of 0.3-0.4 square meters.
In the future, with the deepening of automotive electronics, the corresponding automotive PCB demand area will gradually increase.

PCB demand area of each control unit of new energy vehicle electronic control system
Control unit PCB use area
Vehicle control unit VCU 0.023-0.037 square meters
Motor control unit MCU 0.116-0.187 square meters

Battery management system BMS main control circuit 0.16-0.32 square meters, CSC2-3 square meters (general logistics
(general logistics vehicle size)

In automotive PCBs, the demand share of power control systems will exceed 50% (currently 32%), mainly including engine control units, starters, generators, transmission controls, fuel injection, power steering systems, etc.
engine control units, starters, generators, transmission control units, fuel injection, power steering systems, etc. Especially
In particular, in new energy vehicles, the complex, high voltage, high current and high temperature characteristics of inverters and converters bring higher requirements for
PCB products have higher performance requirements. The next is about 25% of the body electronic systems, including automotive lighting, HVAC, power door and seat, and power steering systems.
HVAC, power door and seat, keyless, TPMS, etc. Among them, LED lighting has a very high demand for PCB products.
The demand for PCB products is very high, often using metal-based printed circuit boards. The third is the safety control system, accounting for about 22%, mainly
Including ADAS, ABS, airbags, etc. Lastly, the cockpit system, accounting for a minimum of about 3%, is mainly reflected in
The demand for PCBs for instrumentation display and entertainment equipment.



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